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Why Customers Are Important To Business

CUSTOMER FRAME Why customers are important to business

Does your business struggle with declining sales? Poor customer reviews? A disengaged team? Technology or market disruption?

Customers Are The Biggest Disruptor Of All

Don Peppers, author + founding partner of customer-centric consultancy Peppers + Rogers, believes customers are the biggest disruptor of all. + we tend to agree with him.

Quoting his interview in Marketing Magazine Australia he states,

Everyone knows of course that only customers create value. You can create all the products in the world, you can have all the inventory in the world, but if you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business.”

Customers Are In Charge Of Your Destiny

Customers play a crucial role in any businesses. They possess the power to see a company prosper or fall.

Technology Makes Customers Even More Powerful Than Ever Before

Cue the age of technology + they become even more powerful, especially when it comes to purchasing goods + services. In fact, in a Customer Experience study undertaken by McKinsey, it was found that three-quarters of customers expect a “now” service from companies after only five minutes of online contact.

Like Veruca Salt, They Want It + They Want It Now!

Put simply, they want action. Gone are the days of 24 to 48 hour service turnaround, the customer wants it + the customer wants it NOW!

Not only that, but they use apps to compare prices, businesses + services, + put their trust in online reviews as if they were receiving them from close friends or family. Times they are a changing.

Make Your Customer Your Number One

We all know that customers are the backbone of + the reason businesses exist. These days, they are more than just a number – they are Number One: the number one asset of any business.

To have a business tomorrow, owners + leaders need to step up, take note, see the business through the customer’s eyes + start focusing on establishing a long-term relationship with them. The best way to do that is to build a Customer Strategy… but that story is for another day.

Sueanne Carr CUSTOMER FRAME Co-founder Superhero

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