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We’re passionate about helping you not just survive in today’s world, but thrive. By equipping you + your team with a Customer-led approach, we want to help you humanise your processes, maximise your impact, + serve your people better.

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We're Sueanne + Peter

Co - Founders of Customer Frame + We’re Here to do Things Differently...

Fueled by necessity, coffee, + dogged
determination, we started Customer Frame to combat an epidemic sweeping through the corporate + business world. The problem? The dehumanisation of customers + staff . We were tired of customers being seen as just – another – number (instead of a real person to be related to). + we were tired of big corporations spending big bucks on big consultancies, but failing to empower their own people with the right skills to serve their customers well.

At Customer Frame, we’re dedicated to helping organisations escape the trap of dehumanisation + put the customer at the heart of everything they do. We believe that a strong connection to your customers + your people gives you a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

We Believe in Making the Complex Simple + Equipping YOU to Own

Your Own Success

When you work with us, what you see is what you get.
We’re authentic. We’re real. + we bring our whole
selves to help you succeed. As our client, you’ll benefit
from the skills, hands – on industry experience, +
unique working styles of us both. The ying + the
yang – the emotional + creative input of Sueanne,
+ the strategic, structured guidance of Peter.

We combine 50+ years of industry expertise + experience… but we’re not here to take the ‘expert seat’ + leave you dependent on us. In fact, we know we’ve done our job when you don’t need us anymore, + can confidently create happier teams, happier customers, + happier businesses even when we’re not around.

Our Clients Call us Their Customer Strategy Superheroes, Helping Put People at the

top of the Agenda

But before we help reframe your story, let us share ours with you...


1995 + 1998

Beginning our Careers in the Corporate World

We both started our careers in large corporate environments in Australia. Think lots of money, resources + hierarchies… + lots of dehumanised customers + staff. We began to question the trends we were seeing, + tried to suggest alternatives, but found the businesses we worked with wanted to play it safe. The big consultancies had a strong grip that we couldn’t break.


Starting Fresh in the UK...
or so we Thought

Fed up with the disconnect between businesses + their customers + staff, we packed up our life to work with larger global brands in the UK… only to see the same issues from day one. This dehumanisation was destroying the value of these brands, and creating dissatisfied customers + teams.

2007-1 LBS-min


Peter Graduated Top #5 at London Business School

With an MBA at one of the best business schools in the world under his belt, Peter set out motivated + ready to combat these issues. He’d spent 2 intensive years studying topics from strategy to finance, to leadership + culture… but even at this stage, the gap was obvious: there was no focus on the customer. No wonder this epidemic was so globally troubling…


First Glimpses at the Power of a Customer-led Approach

Peter brought a new perspective to government + commercial organisations in the UK + throughout Europe, + began to see the impact a Customer-led approach could make. In large scale projects, Peter helped these companies achieve immense gains as they began to put customers at their core.

2007-3 Meanwhile-min


Meanwhile, Sueanne was Transforming Iconic Brands + Organisations

At the same time, Sueanne was working for global tourism, travel + professional services brands such as, Travelocity, Avis Rent a Car, + Hays Recruitment. Implementing a Customer-led approach into her own work helped her turn ailing brands who had lost their identity + position in the UK marketplace, into competitive, fast-growing, industry leading brands. One tourism company in particular saw a 50% increase in revenue, thanks to a simple shift to customer-led offerings, marketing, + messaging.


Returning to Australia
(Aka. the Great Screw Over)

When Peter was offered an amazing role in Sydney with a global consultancy, we packed up our lives + moved home. But when we arrived we realised there was no job – just empty promises. They’d “changed their minds”, + we had a front row seat into the reality of dehumanised staff. We were lost, beaten + broken… but after a series of “WTF moments”, + too many bottles of wine, we decided to pick ourselves up + do things differently.



We did What any Sound-Minded, P!ssed Off Individual Would do...

We went to the pub (no, we really did…). + then, we began to scheme. We decided that it was time for us to stop playing it small, + stand up to the big guys. We knew we needed to bring the power of the work we’d done with global leaders, + put it into the hands of small to medium sized enterprises. We began to unveil a new way of thinking that reframed their businesses, imparted knowledge, + empowered them to own their own customer-focused strategy.


The Birth of the Customer
Strategy Framework

After 18 months of ideating, testing, refining, retesting, + designing, we created the first version of our Customer Strategy Framework. This highly-effective tool became the core engine that still drives everything we do, + offers our clients a simple but effective way forward toward a Customer-led approach.

2015 birth-min


Partnering With the Tropical North Queensland Tourism Industry

There’s nothing like running a pilot program close to home… or 2,000km away! We launched our first industry program to the tourism industry in Cairns + Great Barrier Reef, empowering businesses, industries + communities to find the gaps in their operations, focus their efforts on what matters most + create the action plans to fix + improve their businesses.


Featured Speakers at
Industry Summits

In 2018, we spoke at the Mumbrella Travel + Tourism Summit. Our topic ‘Customer Satisfaction is Bullsh*t’ was a notably enjoyable + thought-provoking session! So much so, we were invited to the Mumbrella Finance Summit the following year to present another one of our favourite topics, Grow By Creating Your Own Competitor. We also spoke at the Maximum Occupancy summit in Sydney + various other industry events, to great acclaim. Almost by accident, this was the true start of our speaking careers.


Disrupting the Tourism Industry with the mighty Murray Region

Not ones to back down from a challenge, we partnered with Murray Regional Tourism to tackle one of the industry’s biggest hurdles – reimagining the role of Visitor Information Centres (VICs). From Customer Profile development to Customer Journey Mapping (an industry first!), we revolutionised the way tourism regions understood + engaged with their customers. This program has become the catalyst for change across Victoria + beyond + has seen us since work with globally iconic brands such as the Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Daylesford, Central Australia + the Sunshine Coast.


Transforming the face of
Local Government

One of our favourite projects of all time that set the benchmark for making Councils + Local Government truly customer-led. Challenging the belief that locals can’t love their Council, we worked closely with the brave leadership team at Scenic Rim Regional Council to break down the barriers + address the legacy issues that were holding them back. Our innovative, collaborative approach was a huge success, creating the momentum for change + putting in the foundations for long-term success.

2020 i2i-min


Driving New Capability for
Visitor Services

In the same year, we created the i2i Program for Visitor Servicing Managers + their teams. Using our improved version of Google’s ‘Five Stages of Travel’ model, we launched a program to help the tourism industry combat a strategic issue it’s grappled with for years: how to make visitor information centres relevant. This impactful program has already helped over 30 regions + Councils reinvent their Visitor Servicing efforts with great success!


Branching Out for Greater Impact

We’re all about driving capability in small to medium sized businesses, sharing our knowledge so that business leaders + their teams can do this stuff themselves. We worked closely with the Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner to refine the backbone + proposition of the Small Business Friendly initiative, designed to help Councils + other organisations to put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

2022 book-min


We Wrote A Book!

It was finally time to share our perspectives + insights with the world + put pen to paper, so to speak. Based on our Customer Strategy Framework™, Leading the Customer-led Revolution, outlines the nine capabilities of successful, truly customer-led organisations. Due for release in April 2023, it’s a conversation-starter for business leaders + their teams to kickstart their journey to being truly customer-led.



More Committed Than Ever Before

We’ve never felt more driven towards our goals, or passionate about our mission to help organisations, businesses, Councils, + communities put people at the heart of what they do. Our hands-on services are tailor-made to every client we work with to drive the best results,+ we’re excited about a whole suite of powerful new initiatives, programs, + training we have lined up for the near future.

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"They re-energised our team + took our organisation to the next level"
Natalie Bell
General Manager
Dicky Beach Surf Club
"Sueanne + Peter, the Lois and Superman you need to realise and restore the WHY in you, your leadership + your business.

Their journey of discovery will be just the inspiration you need.

We could not have done it without them."
Wayne Harris
General Manager
The Reef House Boutique Hotel + Spa
“Sueanne and Pete are absolute gurus at what they do … you will not get better insights and advice on your customers”
John Knight
Managing Director

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