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Become Customer-led

Reduce Costs, Increase Impact + Fuel Growth

We can help your Council become more efficient + effective, by helping you focus on what matters most: the people you exist to serve. With a proven Customer-led approach, you can free up your resources to focus on what matters most + deliver greater impact.

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Now More Than Ever,

Your Customers Need Your Council to Understand Who They Are, + What They Need to Thrive…

When it comes to helping your region thrive, your Council is a key catalyst for positive change + now is the time to make a bigger difference.

But as your people, businesses + community cry out for new investments + initiatives to help them, it can put serious pressure on your resources. Afterall, Councils aren’t a monopoly, + your customers have a choice. When they don’t feel supported, they can leave + take their economic value with them… or worse, they can stay, + undermine what you are trying to achieve.

Is Your Council Facing any of the Following Challenges Right Now?

Whether you answered YES to any of the above, or you simply know you could be making a greater impact on your community, we can help. At Customer Frame, we want to reignite your Council’s passion, vision, + impact through one simple but powerful shift: a Customer-led approach.

With a Focus on People + Customers,

Your Council Can Do More With the Resources You Have, So You Can Make the Greatest Impact on Your Region Possible..

As a truly Customer-led Council , you can enjoy greater community trust, enhanced public reputation, higher employee satisfaction, + less resource waste.

All while your people + community develop a deeper sense of respect, stronger civic pride, + a better quality of life as they feel seen + heard. It’s time to stop wasting your resources on inefficient, outdated approaches, + maximise your impact using your existing leaders + team.

At Customer Frame

We Make Refocusing + Realigning Your Council + Teams Simple

We understand the challenges you face in your Council with increasing expectations + competing priorities from a variety of stakeholders. Being a Customer – led Council + keeping everyone happy can feel like an enormous task… but it doesn’t have to be.

By mobilising your people around the customer , you can improve collaboration across departments, + break down silos in your Council that have existed for years.

Our Proven 3-Step Approach to a Customer-led Council:


Find out where you are today, + reveal the hidden issues that are holding you back from achieving your goals + objectives.


Go beyond band-aid solutions, gain clarity + focus your leadership team on what will make the greatest impact for your Council + community.


Fix long-standing issues by empowering your whole team with the knowledge + energy to own the change + take collective action.

Hear From Our

Transformed Councils

“It helped to structure what I knew was an issue, provide clarity + gain the mandate for collective change.”
Jon Gibbons
Former CEO
Scenic Rim Regional Council
“Your session put the customer first + helped make the connection between what we do + what customers need.”
Paul Martins
Moreton Bay Regional Council
The sessions helped bring our entire organisation on the journey, energise + get clear that our customers are everyone’s business.”
Debra Howe
GM, Customer + Regional Prosperity
Scenic Rim Regional Council

Our Services + Programs are Specifically Designed for Councils who Want to Become Customer - led

(But Don’t Know How)


Initial Diagnostic Session

Your plan-on-a-page for becoming
a Customer-led Council

Gain a snapshot view of the current situation within your Council, + access a mandate for becoming Customer-led. Through three targeted interviews with key leaders in your Council, our team will design a proven pathway to kickstart your Customer-led journey.

Customer Kickstarter

Live half-day workshop to arm your management team for change

An immersive + collaborative experience for your leaders. This half-day intensive will equip + empower your
leaders to identify where you are today, your strengths, gaps, + what you need to focus on to make the greatest impact on your community + customers.

‘Customer First’ Sessions

Engage + energise your whole team to become a Customer-led Council

Bring your people together around the why, what + who of being Customer – led. Reconnect your team with why they come to work each day through a series of
interactive 90-minute sessions. Get the whole team on board, aligned + focused on the customer.

Rooted in Our Simple, Effective +

Impactful 3-step Approach,

Our Services Provide an End-to-end Solution to
Empower Your Council to Become Truly Customer-led.
Find out more above, or get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can work
together to achieve your Council’s goals.

With A Customer-led Approach, you can go Beyond Economic Recovery to

Sustainable Region Prosperity

This is our goal at Customer Frame, as we partner with you for the here + now, to transform your Council long into the future. Through our proven, 3-step approach + tailored programs, your Council will come away with:

Councils Who Have Sparked Real Change + Growth With a

Customer-led Approach...

Scenic Rim Regional Council

After an immense period of disruption + change, the Executive Leadership Team of Scenic Rim Council engaged us for help to become more Customer-led. We engaged with their Councillors, customers + staff, undertook internal + external focus groups, implemented customer surveys, + identified roadblocks within the Council to meet the needs of their customers.

We then created a Customer Charter outlining the Council’s promises + commitments to customers, resetting the direction for the whole team! The Customer Experience Strategy we developed for Scenic Rim was one of the first of its kind for local Councils, + has now been regarded as the ‘gold standard’ approach by key stakeholders + Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) recognised that regional, economic success is directly linked to their Council becoming more business responsive. That is, understanding who their customers are, what they need + what they need to do to close the gap.

To create a solid foundation for Council’s vision for a ‘Bigger. Bolder. Brighter.’ region, the MBRC senior leadership engaged Customer Frame to put customer front + centre in the rollout of their new Regional Economic Development Strategy.

Through our Customer Kickstarter + ‘Customer First’ sessions, we helped the Council identify the gaps in their operations, enabling teams to focus on taking collective action focused on the ultimate reason they exist–their customer

Get Started on Your Journey to

Becoming a Customer-led Council, With Your People + Customers Aligned + Focused to Grow Your Region

If you’re ready to discuss how you can not only make a dent in the challenges of your community, but totally eradicate them for a stronger future, then get in touch with our team today. Through a no-obligation Discovery Call, we can help you determine the right pathway forward for your Council to put customers at the heart of everything you do.