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That Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Level-up your skills

Not only do we offer hands-on services to get the job done for you, but we also offer energising + engaging masterclasses + training to upskill + equip your team to do it yourself. Become a Customer Strategy Superhero in your organisation with immersive programs designed to help you master these skills + achieve your goals for the long-haul (even when we’re not around).

Lauded by delegates across a range of industries, our Masterclasses + Training programs are designed using the same skills + techniques that we’ve honed + refined with our clients over decades of working on customer-led transformation projects.

Some of the specific topics we regularly deliver include:

Customer Profiling + Profile Development

Turn customers from a concept into a person. We’ll show you how to understand who they are, how they think, + what they need so you can create tailored offerings that are truly irresistible. We’ll arm you with the tools to create your own profiles set to share across your organisation.

Customer Journey Mapping

Step into your customer’s shoes to find hidden opportunities for improvement. We’ll show you how to map out your customer’s journey, compare it with your business processes, +
find the gaps to fuel your growth.

Customer Insight Methods + Analysis

What do your customers really think of you at the ‘moments of truth’? We’ll teach you how to design + activate your customer intelligence, so you’re better informed + can engage the whole team to drive improvement.

What to expect

These are intensive sessions, concentrated to give you the knowledge, tools + skills you need to do it yourself. This is not Lecture 101 stuff – you learn by doing, applying the concepts to your organisation.

Our goal is always the same: to leave your organisation stronger, + more confident than ever to put customers at the heart of everything you do.

Want to find out how you can level-up to close the gaps and do it yourself? Get in touch + we can talk through your learning + upskilling needs.

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