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To gain fiercely loyal
customers, energised teams +
outstanding results

We work with courageous leaders who want to make their organisation truly customer-led.

We help you identify what’s holding you back + give you the roadmap to success.

with Australia’s Dynamic Duo
of Customer-led Transformation

IT’S TIME TO reconnect with
what matters most...

your customers + your people

IT’S TIME TO put customers at the
heart of everything you do.

Turn your disengaged teams + dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates

+ passionate supporters!

Now more than ever, customers care about who they do business with…

They want to do business with people who actually care about them…
Organisations who understand their problems, challenges + dreams.

The game has truly changed for good, but has your organisation changed with it? Have you taken the time to understand your customers intimately? Are you clear on what they want + need from you?

Or are you like most, relying on old-school ways of thinking + operating? When the bottom line won’t budge, does your organisation throw money at new marketing strategies, sales teams, + new offerings, instead of going straight to the true source of your success: your customers.

But when your organisation doesn’t put customers first, driving growth can feel like…

you’re swimming upstream…

Without a strong connection to the people you serve, you’ll see a flow-on effect across your entire organisation – sometimes even in unexpected ways.

They form without people noticing, + soon become part of the company-wide cultures that feel impossiple to shift.

Without people + customers at
the heart of what you do…

The good news is, a simple shift is all that is standing between you + the outstanding results you crave.

How Can We Help?

Training + Masterclasses

Engage + energise your team around your customer through our lauded training sessions + masterclasses.

Arm your teams with the skills + knowledge they need to put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

First Step

Customer-led Accelerator

Gain the strategy, focus + tools your organisation needs to become more successful.

This half-day intensive will equip + empower your leaders to identify where you are today, your strengths + gaps, + what you need to focus on to make the greatest impact on your customers.

Bespoke Projects + Services

Bring your customer-led strategy to life + make things happen.

Once you’ve identified your gaps through our Kickstarter process, we can help you achieve your goals sooner through our project-based solutions – from Customer Profiles to Journey Maps + Experience Development, we’ve got you covered.

At Customer Frame

we can help you create fiercely loyal customers + highly engaged teams

It’s time to redefine your approach...

+ put people at the heart of everything you do

Our proven strategy + hands-on approach equips + enables you to…

Build a more satisfied, motivated + committed team aligned with your goals

Create more profitable campaigns that better target the needs + desires of your customers

Feel connected to your customers + community so you can serve them best

Transform your customer experience + put people at the heart of everything you do

Combat complacency + lead your team into a new, customer-centric era

See company-wide alignment to your goals, targets, + vision for the future

Gain recognition as a game-changing leader who is willing to take risks for the greater good

Design irresistible product offerings that your customers love, need, + won’t hesitate to buy

Gain a significant advantage on your competition + make the greatest impact on the people you serve

+ above all else, we help you to make a difference
within your organisation + the wider community, as
you pave the way for

a stronger, more vibrant future!

Hi, We’re Peter + Sueanne…

the Dynamic Duo

With us, what you see is what you get. Authenticity is at our core + we wear realness to work every single day.
We are unashamedly + unapologetically ourselves. So, why does that matter to you?

We don’t believe in one-sided solutions, + we don’t offer generic consulting based on little real-world experience! As our client, you’ll benefit from the skills, hands-on industry experience, + unique working styles of us both. You get the ying + the yang – the emotional + creative input of Sueanne, + the strategic, structured guidance of Peter.

Our clients call us the Customer Strategy superheroes, but we’ve found that wearing our undies on the outside doesn’t go down so well in boardrooms… So if you’re ready to take advantage of our superpowers in your own organisation, we’d love to hear from you.

Focus on The Customer…

+ smash your goals!

As a leader in your organisation, you want to feel as if you are progressing, + meeting your career + business goals. You want to see tangible growth, improve revenue, make an impact, + gain recognition as a pioneer for positive change!

You’re hungry for a team that is aligned with your vision, + committed to seeing it come to life. Because you’re on a mission to make a real, tangible impact that lasts for years to come…

The Customer-Led
Revolution is here!

– whether you like it or not.

– whether you like it or not.

The Authorities on becoming​


our new book - AVAILABLE NOW!

Written for brave business leaders who are charged with, or inspired by, driving customer-led change, this book will give you strategies + tools to engage your entire organisation, beyond your Customer Services Team.

No more internal apathy, fragmented teams or passing the buck, this book gives you the roadmap to engage your entire team on the journey to becoming truly customer-led.

Based on our experience with businesses + organisations of all shapes + sizes from both here + abroad, we challenge the status quo + show you how customer is an organisation competency, not just a service function.

Hear From Our

Incredible Clients...

"The work is outstanding. You’ve been a pleasure to work with. You two riff off each other like Jagger + Richards."
Steve Wroe
Daylesford + Macedon Tourism
"These guys kicked it out of the park. A great collaborative process by a team that flies high and takes everybody on the trip with them. Well done Sueanne and Peter. We love your work.”
Paul Matthews
Managing Director
Visitor Economy Tourism Consultancy
"They are the first people I think of when I need help expressing what’s unique and valuable in what my organisation is achieving."
Kris Stewart
Former Chief Executive Officer

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