Australia's Dynamic Duo

Sueanne Carr + Peter Turner


Australia’s Dynamic Duo of Customer-led Transformation

Authors, Speakers, Change-makers, Customer Obsessed

Sueanne Carr + Peter Turner are the founders of Customer Frame, the experts of customer-led transformation.

Customer Frame was built with a goal to help businesses + organisations who are brave enough to challenge their existing ways of thinking with the customer at the centre of what they do.

With a combined 50+ years experience across public sector, tourism, retail + professional services, they’re known to inspire audiences + ignite action.

"Putting the heart back into business"

It’s not just our tagline, it’s our mantra that gets us out of bed everyday. For us, it’s not idealistic, but a reality we strive for + is the vision for our impact on the world.

We believe that business is more than just making money (though, that’s nice too!).

It’s about connecting people in a way that creates loyalty, staff engagement + outstanding results.
This intent is our DNA + drives what makes us, uniquely us.

Customer Frame

has delivered presentations to well over 100 organisations across Australia + abroad

Sueanne Carr

M.Bus B.Bus

Founder + Customer Strategy Vigilante

A globally accomplished strategy professional, Sueanne is passionate about connecting businesses with the ultimate reason they exist: their customers. Her impressive reach has transformed market leading brands such as, Terry White Chemmart, PPQ, Brisbane Powerhouse, AVIS, Travelocity, Hays Recruitment, Visit Sunshine Coast + Tourism Queensland.

With customer experience in her DNA, she is committed to transforming businesses + regions through aligning people, products + places. Her empathetic + decisive style breaks through business barriers, + brings everybody from board room to back office on the journey.

Peter Turner

M.Bus B.Bus

Founder + Customer Strategy Maverick

Peter is a global leader in transforming SMEs, large businesses + organisations through the eyes of their customers. As a customer strategy catalyst, he brings over 25 years of experience in consulting projects for both commercial + government organisations in the UK, Australia + throughout Europe.

With unrivalled global business credentials + an enviable cross-industry portfolio – American Express, Terry White Chemmart, PPQ, EFTPOS, RICOH, HMRC, Murray Regional Tourism + News Limited – he is known to be one of the founding technicians of customer-led change, with a style that is engaging + thoughtprovoking.

The Yin + Yang of Customer

Regardless of who is on stage, they bring the complete perspective. On business. On customer. On success. The yin + the yang. Peter’s strategic, data-loving brain, combined with Sueanne’s creative, more emotional approach brings a fresh perspective + the best of both worlds to every speaking engagement.

How to

Engage the Dynamic Duo

It's About You (Not Us)

Sueanne + Peter pride themselves on curating the best experience for their speaking clients.

+ this starts with you. We’re not a cookie cutter speaker troop – we start by understanding your specific needs, then matching the best of our talent + content to smash your goals.

From there, we can help you to create more than just a speaker event – we help you deliver an immersive experience that will be the talking point for your audience for years to come.

Uno or Duo:

The Best of Both

Sueanne + Peter bring different, yet complementing styles that, together, provide magnetism + appeal across a wide range of audiences. Depending on your audience, your objectives + the topic, we work with you to identify who in the Dynamic Duo – one, the other or both – is best suited to your event.

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Speaking Topics 2023

Thought-provoking, disruptive, challenging, entertaining – these are just some of the words used to describe the audience experience of the Dynamic Duo.

As experts in their field, Sueanne + Peter are unashamedly customer obsessed + are renowned for transferring their infectious energy.

Bring the same energy to your next event that has helped reframe the thinking for thousands of others across a range of topics

For 2023, Customer Frame is proud to bring fresh ideas + perspectives to provoke thought + inspire action.

Check out the latest topics below, but also get in touch if you have a specific angle – they’re likely to have it covered!

Are you ready for the Customer-led


prepare now - or get left behind

The old rules of business have changed + customers increasingly have the power. Does your business have the capabilities to embrace the customer-led revolution?

Customers have had enough of being treated like a number + seek businesses that understand them + make it easy for them. Within a few clicks, they can change their phone provider to healthcare + everything in between.

The customer-led revolution is here. The old ‘inside-out’ ways of doing business are done for. Don’t let yours fall to the same fate by putting the right foundations in place to make your organisation truly customer-led.

So, how can business leaders prepare for the customer-led revolution? Join the Dynamic Duo, Sueanne + Peter, as they share their insights on getting ahead of the game.

In this keynote, the ‘yin + yang’ of customer
strategy share:

“You two riff off each other like Jagger + Richards!”
Steve Wroe
CEO, Daylesford + Macedon Tourism

Essential for every leader who has customers + wants to make their organisation the best it can be, Engaging, energising + thought-provoking – with audiences inspired for action!

“Not sure we can deliver
an industry event without
you guys!”
Oriana Wyrozebska
General Manager, Tourism & Investment, MBRIT

The Paradox of Choice


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of
choices available to you? Imagine what it’s like for
your customers!

Choice is everywhere + as customers, we get overwhelmed. We’re bombarded with marketing messages every day in an always on society. From selecting a meal at a restaurant to choosing a career path, the sheer number of options we have can be staggering + paralysing.

This is the paradox – as customers, we love choice, but too much choice leads us to inaction or a lack of change.

So, how can business leaders cut through the noise + be the choice for customers? Join Peter on a journey to explore this challenge facing leaders of every business +
organisation today.

During this keynote, Peter’s inimitable style:

Audiences leave inspired for change + armed for simple, but effective action. Feedback from organisations + delegates has been nothing short of impressive

The Power of



Ever wondered how to create customers for life that are
passionate brand advocates? The answer is connection.

Customers are tired of being a number on a spreadsheet, a
faceless transaction, just another body with a wallet. They
want to feel connected to a business – to their purpose +
their people, even their success. Beyond efficient processes,
they want empathy + understanding, they want special.

The opportunity – create an unbreakable customer bond
that transcends the cheapest deal or the latest model.

So, how can business leaders create that critical customer
connection needed to grow + cultivate customers for life? Join Sueanne on a journey to unearth what it really means to
create an intentional customer experience that captivates.

During this keynote, Sueanne’s personable style:

“Sueanne is an absolute guru at what she does.
You will not get better…”
John Knight
Managing Director, businessDEPOT

Audiences leave with a new perspective, inspired for change + more connected to the ultimate reason they exist – their customer. Feedback from organisations + delegates has been nothing short of impressive.

The Authorities on becoming


our new book - AVAILABLE NOW!

Written for brave business leaders who are charged with, or inspired by, driving customer-led change, this book will give you strategies + tools to engage your entire organisation, beyond your Customer Services Team.

No more internal apathy, fragmented teams or passing the buck, this book gives you the roadmap to engage your entire team on the journey to becoming truly customer-led.

Based on our experience with businesses + organisations of all shapes + sizes from both here + abroad, we challenge the status quo + show you how customer is an organisation competency, not just a service function.

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