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Why Build Customer Profiles?


Do you know much about your customers beyond basic demographics?

Most people know at least a little about their customers – their age, where they live, family structure, maybe household income…

But did you know that by understanding your customers beyond these basic demographics, you can fundamentally change the way you connect with them?

+ in turn, how they connect + interact with you?



At Customer Frame, we’ve developed customer profile sets for some of Australia’s most renowned destinations – including the Great Ocean Road, the Murray Region, + most recently, Daylesford + Macedon Ranges region in Victoria.

We have a process we take our clients through that gets to the heart of who their customers are – what makes them tick, what they struggle with in life, their life goals, what they need to help them fulfil those goals…

In fact, there’s 12 individual lenses we look through when we talk about customer – background, goals, frustrations, behaviours, interests, right down to their info sources.

It’s a fun + fascinating process that we work through in-depth with those that know the customers best – our clients.

After all, what’s the point of us coming up with a bunch of random customer groups that may or may not fit your region or business? It simply wouldn’t work.


“No-one knows your customers better than you do!”




A common question we hear from new clients + those uninitiated in the benefits of customer profiles, is this: Why build customer profiles? We already know our customer demographics, isn’t that enough?

The simple answer is no.


“It takes you from basic demographics to the heart of the customer.


By building customer profiles, whether that be for a tourism region or for an individual business, there are a multitude of benefits.

By getting to know your customers better, you can:

  • Create a greater connection with them
  • Show greater empathy for them
  • Develop better marketing messaging to reach them

Which in turn means they’ll:

  • be more connected to you as a region or business
  • come back more often to buy from you
  • spend more money with you
  • tell everyone they know about you…

Sounds good, right?


“It takes your customer from a number + a transaction, to a living, breathing, human being with needs + wants” 


In fact, if you can stop treating your customers like a number or a transaction + truly get to know who they are + what matters to them, you’ll get yourself a customer for life. We promise.



Our clients love the work we do for them in customer profiles – they tell us they absolutely fall in love with them + that they use them for everything – from social media posting to marketing messaging, from product packaging ideas to website development. Fabulous!

Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at [email protected] if you’d like to hear more about our industry-renowned customer profiles.

Building profiles is one of our favourite things to do.



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