Transaction vs Customer – which one do you choose?

It’s tough being a coffee shop in a world full of coffee shops.

So, how do you differentiate yourself?

One business we met recently has it all figured out.

Paradox Coffee Roasters in Surfers Paradise – where the service is warm + friendly, the food is delicious + affordable, + the babycinos are FREE.

So what’s so special about them?

For the adults, there’s well-priced, delicious food ($4 banana bread, anyone?), delicious (on-site) roasted coffee, + for the kids, a play area + free babycinos (with marshmallows!)…

Swimming against the tide of transactional coffee tradition, Paradox will thrive.

By putting the customer at the heart of their offering, they encourage more repeat customers who spend more with them.
Free babycinos + a play area mean Mum + Dad can spend more time, eat more food, drink more coffee + return, knowing the kids are always well catered for.

+ they do all of this without negatively impacting the rest of the cafe set – the cool kids, the DINKs, the young + funkies who also seem to frequent this place. Clever.

Meanwhile, most places charge $7 for banana bread, $2.50 for a babycino (!), have no space for the kids + seem to take the customer for granted.

Know your market(s), tailor your products + own your space unashamedly.
Your customers will love you for it. Over + over + over again.

Transaction vs Customer – which one do you choose? 
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Sueanne Carr CUSTOMER FRAME Co-founder Superhero