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Murray Region – Visitor Servicing Transformation

August saw yet another trip down to the marvellous Murray region, helping to round off the first phase of Visitor Servicing Transformation work. The first of it’s type (that we’re aware of) in Australia, the progressive team from the Murray are working with us to truly put the customer at the heart of their strategic decision making on one of the most pivotal parts of the tourism industry – visitor servicing.

Working with the team, we took the full suite of 12 Customer Profiles that we’ve collaboratively developed (another first!) + looked at how we can apply them across the region.

As we often say – if you’re trying to be everything to everybody – you end up as nothing to nobody!

Fortunately, the team embrace this thinking + were straight into the debate on which of the Murray’s 14 diverse sub regions would appeal to each of the 12 Customer Profiles. Yep – 168 data points!!

But, unlike traditional product-led approaches, we helped the team step into the customer’s shoes + take a customer-led approach.

All in all – the team worked hard + are now ready for the next phase as we move closer to defining, designing + deploying their new blended engagement model.

Watch this space!

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