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Enhance Your CX with Two Powerful Words

Did you know that you can enhance your CX with two powerful words?
Yes, that’s right – two simple, yet powerful words.
What are these two magic words, we hear you ask.

Thank You.

A simple message of ‘Thank you for your business’ can be one of the most powerful things you can do to help reinforce + build your customer relationships.

We Heard It From a Bank

A great example we’ve had here at Customer Frame recently is from our bank.

Yes, a bank!

In fact, we’ve been banking with Bankwest for over six years + just the other day, we received an email from them.

“Thank you for your business”, it said.

Now, in that email, not only was there a thank you, but beyond that, a message of empathy + care.

“We see you, they told us. We know that the past two years have been hard. We know the pandemic has hit businesses hard + that there are a lot of challenges to overcome.”

The rest of the email didn’t try to sell us a bunch of products we didn’t need – or more importantly, a bunch of products that our poor frazzled, overwhelmed, busy minds couldn’t have made sense of anyway….

There were no new services or credit cards or products or sell, sell, sell messages.

In fact, there were a list of tips + ideas about things we could do to upskill + strengthen our business in the face of the pandemic. Solutions.

So – a gift, really.

A thank you for your business AND a gift of some tips to help you through. How powerful is that?!

We Heard It From a Brewer Too

We imagine you may have rolled your eyes at the bank reference. Of course banks can do this, they have plenty of money + resources.

But you don’t have to be a big bank to do right by your customers.

Another great example is from Aussie Brewer – a home distilling + home brewing shop. (Someone’s gotten themselves a new hobby!).

Again, they sent us a message thanking us for our order.


But it went further than that.

“We know you have a choice of who you can buy from + we’re really grateful you bought from us.”

Not only does the email thank us for our order, like the bank example, it carries on with two things we loved:

  1. The email had handles + details for any issues you might have, creating a feedback loop that is easy to access + quick to solve your problems

2. The email came from a person – Anne. Not orders@aussiebrewer or marketing@aussiebrewer – but Anne. Hello Anne, nice to meet you. Now this may not be a real person, granted, but it certainly appears to be a real person who wants to build a real relationship with us. Winning.

Well done Aussie Brewer – it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference. 


Thank You is a Powerful Message

Want to enhance your CX with two powerful words?

Say thank you.

It helps create a delight moment in your customer experience, it acknowledges them for their custom + it creates moments that breed loyalty + customers for life.

Oh, + hey, thank you for reading! 🙂



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