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Do you charge what you’re worth? Do your customers value what you do?

Do you ever see things + think to yourself, ‘some people are so clever!!’

I do. All the time!

Bringing the wow...

Like when I saw this post on ModernWedding‘s Insta (no, I’m not getting married again!) with this incredible creation by Kristina Kempton.

How amazing is this? Truly? It’s breathtaking.

Not your average floral centrepiece, right?!

It’s about bringing a customer’s dream to life. When you fulfil customer needs better than anyone else, charge what you like!

It got me thinking about a lot of things...

It got me thinking about how much this incredible centrepiece would cost.

+ who Kristina’s clients would need to be to afford such a breathtaking creation.

It got me thinking about the elements that make up a product or service…

… like quality, uniqueness, design, reputation, brand, the wow…  

About image, vision + bringing a dream to life. A customer’s dream. 

It got me thinking about how businesses could attract less price sensitive customers + more of those who would be willing to pay what the product is worth.

How can businesses differentiate themselves to attract the right customers who are willing to pay the right price for what they do?

Not your average floral centrepiece

When I think floral arrangement, hand on heart I don’t think of this (well, until now, thanks Kristina!).

But Kristina’s customers do. + they pay for it, no doubt. 

Why? Because when you find your tribe, your ideal customer, someone who values what you do + how you do it, money becomes inconsequential. 

When you find your ideal customer, cost becomes inconsequential. You can charge what you’re worth.

We make assumptions when it comes to price

We often make assumptions about our customers that can limit our business potential + our ability to fulfil their needs + dreams, instead of opening up a world of possibility for them to realise the image they have in their head of an experience or product. 

Imagine if Kristina had stuck to white roses in a vase with some baby’s breath… 

Find your tribe.
Find the right customer for your business

Find the right customers for your business + you can charge what you’re worth. Because when it comes to customer’s needs, you can’t put a price on bringing their dreams to life.

How? Customer Profiles are a good start – getting to know your customers beyond basic demographics to what matters to them, what their pain points in life are, what they value. Model your products + services around those needs + you’re onto a winner. It doesn’t mean changing everything, just tweaking it.

Find the right customers for your business + you can charge what you’re worth. You can’t put a price on bringing their dreams to life.

Thanks for reading, friends.

-Sueanne x

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