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Customer Scorecard – it’s here!

This month, we launched our brand spanking new customer scorecard – helping businesses understand how customer-led they are today.

The first of its kind, the Customer Capability Scorecard is a short-but-powerful online survey that gets right to the heart of the issue – how customer-led is your business?

Starting purely with the Real Estate industry, the Scorecard is completely free + gives participants instant feedback on where their business sits on the Customer Strategy Maturity Scale. Additionally, once completed, everyone involved will get a copy of our industry white paper, showing how they stack up against their peers.

Want to give it a go?
Check it out here:

Do us a favour + send the link to everyone you know in the real estate industry. The more we get involved, the greater reach we can make to help the industry move up scale + become more customer-led.

Don’t be shy if you’re not in real estate – we’ll be rolling out a new white paper every six months. We’re hitting the industries that really need help first … who will be next?

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