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The program is designed specifically for Visitor Information Centre Managers + their team members.

Participants walk away with:

    • New skills + techniques for VIC managers + staff to apply in their roles every day
    • A deeper understanding of your customers + what they need from you
    • A plan of action that aligns with your strategy + provides consistency + continuity
    • Actionable insights that your team can implement now + in the future to help you
      operationalise your VIC strategy + modernise your approach to visitor information.

Upon registering to take the course, you will have full access to the seven modules of the complete i2i program. Each module has a video presentation + supporting workbook materials with examples.

As you progress through the program, you unlock the next module.

Each lesson below is broken into topics, with each topic of around 5-10 minutes to complete.

So if you only have a bit of time, you can still keep progressing through the program in smaller, bite size pieces.

The live support sessions are there to help you implement what you’ve learnt in each module’s presentation + connect with other visitor servicing agents. 

Each region undertaking the program might be on a different schedule. 

Keep an eye out on your email for when the next live session is + the module(s) that it relates to. 

This email will also have the link for you to join the discussion. If you get really stuck, drop us a line here.

If you have missed the opportunity to ask your questions in either the support sessions you can do so in our private + exclusive Facebook Group – i2i Visitor Servicing.

The workbook exercises + worked example is available in each lesson.

When you click through to each lesson page, you will see a ‘materials’ tab at the top.

Here you will find all relevant downloads for that lesson. 

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