Case Study

PPQ: From good to great with the Customer-led Accelerator

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) is a government agency in Queensland, Australia that specialises in providing personalised + custom license plates for vehicles. Established to offer drivers a unique way to express themselves + add a touch of individuality to their vehicles, PPQ has become a popular choice for Queenslanders looking to stand out on the road. The agency offers a wide range of customisation options, allowing vehicle owners to create plates that reflect their personality, hobbies, interests, or even their business branding.

I would recommend Customer Frame for any business wanting to improve performance + meet the evolving needs + expectations of customers.

Jemma Elder, PPQ

The Situation

As an externally contracted government agency, PPQ was performing well, meeting all contractual obligations, objectives + measures. Backed by a commercial mindset, customer service markers demonstrated high levels of customer satisfaction with revenue growth + key metrics on track. In fact, without question – it was a high performer amongst peers.

With a contract renewal fast approaching, the PPQ leadership team were looking for an edge – beyond the day-to-day operations – with a keen focus on this strategic question: Where will future growth come from?

To overcome these challenges, the PPQ team were conducting regular market research, investing in technology + innovation, diversifying its product portfolio, + maintaining a strong focus on customer service + brand management. Everything was going well.

However, their Managing Director knew there was more opportunity ahead for PPQ. She needed to find the edge that would propel growth + secure the contract renewal. That’s when CF was asked to step in.

The Challenge

PPQ faced several strategic challenges in its operation + growth, in particular:

1. Market Saturation: With a finite number of combinations available for customisation, PPQ needed to continually innovate + introduce new options to keep customers engaged + to attract new ones.

2. Digital Competition: PPQ must contend with the competition posed by online marketplaces + third-party vendors, which might offer similar services + potentially erode their market share.

3. Economic Downturns: PPQ may need to diversify its product offerings or implement cost-effective strategies during economic downturns to maintain revenue streams.

4. Brand + Marketing: PPQ needs to invest in marketing + branding efforts to keep the agency top-of-mind for customers seeking personalised license plates.

5. Changing Consumer Preferences: Consumer preferences can shift over time, impacting the demand for certain plate designs or customisation options. PPQ must stay attuned to these shifts + adapt its offerings accordingly.

The Solution

Taking PPQ from good to great.

The PPQ improvement journey was one of revealing opportunity, engaging the wider team + putting in the core foundation to give PPQ the edge. It was about taking the good things they were doing + make them great.

Read on to learn more about each step, the activities undertaken + the outcomes from each step that contributed to PPQ’s overall success story.


Find the Unknown Unknowns

The first step was to quickly make sense of the current situation + find the customer gaps. This wasn’t about fighting fires, moreso finding unmet needs + new opportunities.


Engage the Team + Share Action

The second step was to share the outcome + engage the wider team.

With the initial diagnostic results in hand providing a common foundation, now was the time to establish that ‘customer’ is everyone’s job.

Moving beyond the tactical view of just ‘customer services improvement’, we needed to reframe their view + put a strategic roadmap + action plan in place to make it a reality.


Reveal the Hidden Opportunities

The third step was driven from the collaborative insights from the first two steps.

One of the top priorities agreed for PPQ in the Accelerator was to map out the customer journey, compare it to internal processes + find the gaps that bring opportunity.

Even though PPQ was being delivered under contract by a global advertising agency, they chose the Dynamic Duo of Customer Frame to develop this important part of their strategy.

The Result


This process set PPQ up for success. By no means a slouchy performer before, PPQ now had a structured approach in place to put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Customer was now everyone’s business.

Commercially, PPQ blitzed their growth predictions and expectations. Following the work with Customer Frame, PPQ delivered growth at over twice the expected level year on year. Impressive result, especially in a market that was considered to be reaching maturity and saturation.

New cost savings were identified and actioned. New initiatives were delivered that increased the effectiveness of customer engagement right throughout the customer journey. New sales opportunities were identified. The world was their oyster.

Culturally, ‘customer’ was no longer just for ‘customer services’ to own. The whole team, from boardroom to back office could see how they each play a critical part in PPQs success – starting with the customer. Testament to the cultural shift, we found in our annual review with PPQ that of the 114 actions identified, over 95% of these were delivered within 12 months of the completing the initial diagnostic and Customer-led Accelerator.

Today, PPQ continues to go from strength to strength, with the solid customer strategy foundation in place, but are never standing still, using the framework and their journey map to continue their growth trajectory.


Key Learning

If you want success - start with solid customer foundations to ensure it.

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