Customers Are At The Heart Of Business Growth… Be Sure To Treat Them So

CUSTOMER FRAME BUSINESS CUSTOMER STRATEGY Customers are at the heart of business growth… be sure to treat them so

The Numbers Don’t Lie Bet you’ve heard that: 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey) Overall poor quality of customer service is the main reason for churn, not price (Accenture) While 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, 91% of those will simply leaveand never come back […]

Remaining Relevant In Changing Times

CUSTOMER FRAME Remaining relevant in changing times

Part of being future proof + having a sustainable business is about remaining relevant to your customer in changing times. Technology advances, changing customer expectations, global-localisation, (anti-)social media, global warming + industry disruption are all impacting on the status quo for a business. The only certainty is change. The challenge is to remain relevant in […]

A Fresh Approach For Economic Development

CUSTOMER FRAME ECONOMY BUSINESS A fresh approach for Economic Development

Local and Regional Councils have always been pretty serious when it comes to economic growth and development for their regions. It’s a key part of their role. But what gets us excited is when a Council thinks outside the box and bucks the trend of ‘standard’. Given we’re not particularly ‘standard’ in our approach to […]

Does Branson Have 20/20/20 Vision?


Before we start – no Sir Richard Branson doesn’t have an extra eye. Like many other ‘pin-upreneurs’ admired around the world, Richard Branson understands the simple law established by Harvard quite some years ago. That, by focusing on keeping your people happy, your customers will in turn be happy and you’ll enjoy exceptional business results. […]

Spray + Pray Has Had Its Day


In a recent customer workshop with a group of businesses, we posed the question… ‘Who is your customer?’ Perhaps naively, we expected answers such as ‘locals’, ‘tourists’, ‘weekend travellers’, ‘families’, ‘people travelling north from interstate’ etc. Instead, the resounding response was‘anyone!’, followed closely by ‘everyone!’ Now, we’ve worked in the customer realm for over 40 […]

Transaction Vs Experience: Are You Tomorrow’s Commodity?

CUSTOMER FRAME BUSINESS CUSTOMER Transaction Vs Experience: Are you tomorrow’s commodity?

In my early career, I was given some great advice about what to do. The advice was this: “Work in a role that finds problems. If you work in a role that solves problems, technology will eventually make you obsolete”. What my mentor was getting at was simple. Will you be a transaction machine, or […]

Customer Service Is Not The Problem – You Are!

CUSTOMER FRAME BUSINESS CUSTOMER Customer service is not the problem – you are!

For many years, customer service has been an add-on for many business – that (un)necessary cost to keep those pesky customers happy. We even developed metrics that (we think) tell us how well it runs. Call durations, time to answer, first time resolution and our favourite, cost-to-serve are just a few. Interestingly, though, most customer issues […]