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The Customer Experience starts with the Customer Journey

Customer Journey Mapping

Hey, why are YOU in business? 


When we ask this question, we hear the same things over + over – ‘to make money’, ‘for profit’, ‘lifestyle’, ‘to leave a legacy’…

… but rarely do we hear ‘for our customers’.

Customers are the ultimate reason any of us are in business. If you don’t believe us, read our hugely popular article on why customers are important to business.

Customer Experience is a hot topic at the moment.


In fact, by 2020, Customer Experience will overtake price + product as the key business differentiator.


But how does one provide an exceptional customer experience? Google the term + you’ll get millions upon millions of clues, tips, vlogs, blogs, holy grails…

Truth is, in order to provide an exceptional customer experience, you have to truly know your customer. Not only their wants + needs, preferences, profiles + how they like their morning coffee, but even more importantly, their customer journey.

What is Customer Journey?

At Customer Frame, we define customer journey as the journey a customer goes on to buy a product or service like yours. Not your business process, or the process they go through on your website – the customer’s process.

Here’s a fact: it’s likely you don’t even rate on the customer journey, at least not in the early stages.

Why not?


Because customers don’t just wake up one day + say ‘I need to buy a (insert your product/service here)’.


They have a trigger point, an itch that needs to be scratched… that doesn’t mean they know upfront how they want that itch scratched. Sometimes they need help to figure it out. Sometimes they don’t. It comes down to truly understanding their wants vs needs.

Customer Journey Mapping unlocks a world of opportunity you never knew existed.

Why Should I care?

By understanding the journey a customer goes on to fulfil a need, you:

  • Truly empathise with your customer, their pain points + how you might help them along their journey (better than your competitors)
  • Discover facts about your customers, your business + your competitors, that you never knew (+ will open up a whole new world for your business)
  • Identify opportunities you never even knew existed (+ that will help you smash your goals + beat your competitors)

In fact, our clients regularly identify over 100 actions + opportunities when they work through Customer Journey Mapping with us.


That’s 100 new ways to do business, 100 new ways to sell your product/service, 100 new ways to engage with your customer on a deeper level. 


Is it easy? No. Is it worthwhile? Oh yes.


Come along to our Customer Journey Mapping Masterclass on 20 August in Brisbane + change they way you do business. It will be the best investment you make this year, we promise.

 EarlyBird rate: $795 +GST before 31 July 2019 


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