The signature program for CEOs’, CCO’s + senior leaders who are charged with, or inspired by, driving customer-led change within their organisation.

Sueanne & Peter - the dynamic duo of Customer Frame

Do you feel like
your organisation is:

Do you feel like
you are:

Chances are - your organisation has lost sight of the ultimate reason it exists - your customer

The best three hours you’ll spend on your organisation this year – guaranteed!

Change the course of your organisation’s future by finding your gaps, focusing your efforts + fixing your issues.

Reorient your organisation around what matters most - your customer,
+ change the course of your future to realise your true potential.


Engaging, educating + energising, this program, led by Sueanne + Peter, Australia’s Dynamic Duo of Customer Experience, will help you reframe your organisation + accelerate forward to becoming truly customer-led.

Through our signature process based on our Customer Strategy Framework™, we’ll help you find the gaps, focus your efforts + develop a plan to fix the issues holding you back.

Forget flailing + flicking between solutions, this session will change the way you do business. Reframe the way you see your business, your team + your customers.


The Details

This no-nonsense management workshop is for CEOs, CCOs, business owners + senior leaders who want to get their leadership team back on track + re-aligned with their strategic objectives.

The customer at the front, the business follows. The closer this proximity, the greater your success. This is a strategy challenge – not a tactical, operational one. To be truly customer-led, you must first take stock and assemble yourself around the customer, putting them at the centre. But, like everything in this world, nothing is static.

Customers are always moving and this is where the gold is in being customer-led. Yes, you need to assemble around them, but your organisation needs to have the agility to move with them, their changing preferences, expectations and needs. It requires building customer capabilities – not just operational band-aids.

This management workshop works best with your senior leadership team + their first level functional managers, either in two separate sessions or together (depending on numbers + your situation). We work closely with you to help you decide who should be in the room for the best outcome.

It’s a half day management workshop that will fundamentally change the way you do business.

We guide you through our signature process based on our Customer Strategy Framework™ to help you find the gaps, focus your efforts, + develop a plan to fix the issues holding you back.

By doing this with your senior leadership team, you gain insight into how each function sees their role in customer, the challenges they face + the roadblocks that keep them from achieving their full potential.

We help you reframe your organisation, remove the internal barriers + put the customer at the heart of your strategic decision making + direction.

Undertaken as a live, in-person workshop-style session, it runs for 3 hours total.

Delivered by the Founders of Customer Frame, known as Australia’s Dynamic Duo of Customer-led Transformation, it is an engaging, educating + energising session.

Each participant leaves with a minimum of nine concrete actions they can take within their function to drive collective change.

Past participants have told us it’s the best 3 hours they’ve spent out of their business.

The cost includes all in-session materials including our comprehensive workbook, pen + a couple of little surprises along the way.

Each participant is given a comprehensive workbook in which to capture their perspectives + thoughts on how customer-led the organisation is today, + what they can do in their role to improve.

The workbook also includes our benchmark tool, the Customer Maturity Scale, to help leaders gauge how their organisation stacks up against best practice. It concludes with a focused action plan where participants capture specific actions they can take to drive the organisation to become more customer-led.

The management workshop takes place at a venue chosen by the client. Sometimes our clients use their own boardrooms, other times they prefer to go off-site to limit distractions.

The Customer-led Accelerator can be easily integrated into corporate retreats + strategy off-sites + can be a great starter to the main agenda, to get everyone on the same page.

Through the Customer-led Accelerator, we regularly see organisations generate over 100 practical + tangible actions for improvement, shared across teams + functions + owned by the leaders to take forward.

Your organisation will be benchmarked against the Customer Strategy Maturity Scale with a clear handle on the current level of maturity + the actions required to move up the scale. This becomes a great reference point to track your progress against, year on year.

Your senior leadership team will walk away feeling energised, excited + reconnected with why you do what you do, your strategic objectives + organisational purpose. Previously disengaged, disconnected leaders, leave feeling part of the collective effort, reenergised by their role + importance in the organisation’s future + ready to take action.

Due to the strategic nature of the program, this session is not designed for frontline or support level staff. It’s not Customer Service training, though a need to level up your team’s service delivery may come out of it!

Clients who have undertaken the program with their senior leaders often ask us to come back + run it with their middle management level – we’ve seen this work exceptionally well for organisations with multiple layers. If this is you, we’d highly recommend it! It ensures the change in mindset + effort is deeply ingrained within the organisation. 

At CF, we believe that being a customer-led organisation starts at the top – why? Because it’s intrinsically linked with your strategy, your vision + your values.

The Customer-led Accelerator




level one
$ 9,950
  • 3 hour management workshop with your senior leadership team incl workbook



level three
$ 12,950
  • 3 hour management workshop with your senior leadership team incl workbook
  • Report
  • 1 month check-in (1 hour)



level three
$ 24,950
  • 3 hour management workshop with your senior leadership team incl workbook
  • Report
  • 1 month check-in (1 hour)
  • 6 month coaching package (2 hours per month)

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What You'll Come Away With

Your Guides




A globally accomplished strategy professional with an impressive reach of transforming market-leading brands.





One of the vanguards of customer-led change, with over 25 years experience in consulting projects with global brands across the world.


Nerida Trappett

Rivers Insurance Brokers

“The best three hours out of your week to focus on what’s important to your business from people who care and have got a significant amount of experience in this space. It’s challenging and helped me find gaps I never knew we had.”

John Knight
MD + Co-founder


“If you really want to break through all the fluff – bring in the experts of Customer Frame! This workshop really makes you step back and ask yourself the questions you’ve never thought of asking but are critical to growing your business. Forget people who tell you they’re customer experience experts – these guys are the real deal!”

Tyson Cobb

Practice + Pixels

“It was fantastic! It was interactive! I’ve never done that before. I’ve never been to a workshop that focused solely on the customer. Never. It’s completely unique. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

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